Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Pave Paradise

While Vintage Wings may not be "tranquility," it sure is a nice place to come visit to experience a piece of aviation heaven from time to time. And that's what we want our members to do. But as we attract more and more Canadians to our facility, our parking access is, well, less than adequate to accommodate the growing number of visitors. So we have made improvements and "put up a parking lot."

Where there was once a strip of grass on the south side of the fence adjacent the apron, it has now turned into a large gravel lot to make way for our new parking area. In approximately 10 days, the landscaping will be complete and the pavement will be poured,just in time for our busy period including the first Open House of the season. The lot will accommodate up to 72 vehicle comfortably keeping the roadway clear and allowing the front of the facility open for additional handicap access. In other words, we' ll be more user-friendly and far more accessible.

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