Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Shakes, cracks and buckets of water

It's not just your average day around the hangar. While Rob Fleck departed on his official Sabre check ride, things got a little crazy around here; as it did in the rest of the Outaouais region. An earthquake, reported at 5.0 magnitude, hit in the region just north of Val-des-Bois near Hwy 309 and 50 causing much excitement in the hangar. When it was apparent the rumbling wasn't related to Rob's flight we quickly evacuated the premise to see...well what was going on? Would a big whole in the earth suddenly appear? After the 30 second shake down subsided, the crew took stock of what happened, surveyed the hangar and reported no damage to the planes. Unfortunately, the hangar took two hits - cracks in the floors adjacent the west side exit doors.

Good news, Rob completed his check ride with flying colours and came back all giddy and pleased; Fighter pilots are big kids when they get back into the cockpit of a jet. His crew got kind of childish too and welcomed him home with a big splash of cold water.
Congrats boss. Good flight. You now join the ranks of Fat Daddy and Woody as the newly minted Sabre jocks.

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