Friday, July 2, 2010

Hadfield Family Makes History

There are those rare moments in a lifetime where magic happens. You can try to plan it, hope for the best and then leave it to the powers that be to make it all come together.

Yesterday, on a windy and some what cool and cloudy day over Gatineau, weather conditions didn't seem to play in our favour for one of the most important photo flights for Vintage Wings.

Stars line up more effectively than the schedule of pilots, let alone two very different pilots with diverging career paths. But as chance and circumstance would have it, in spite of the forecast, brothers Chris and Dave Hadfield converged in the Nations Capital on Canada Day and made a little magic happen.

These images are simply inspiring and words cannot express how wonderful it must have been to be a part of the Hadfield Photo Flight - Dave, Chris and their father Roger. I will leave it to them to fill in the description and let you the readers admire the beauty of it all.

Photo credit: Peter Handley, in the Harvard - photo chase plane.

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