Monday, July 5, 2010

Over 20 Thousand brave the heat to hang out with Airplanes

Photo: Jean-Guy Pitre

Now, I am no scientist or mathematician and barely remember random sampling in high school chemistry class but when the Gatineau board of directors and city councillors state there was an estimated 20 to 25,000 spectators at the airport at any given time between the hours of 12 noon and 4 pm, I'm willing to accept their findings.

Judging by the sea of colourful shirts, hats and sun burnt noses, it was clear we had a big turnout. In fact, the attendance far surpassed expectations thanks to our very special guests, the CF Snowbirds.

Their 2010 show celebrating their 40th anniversary and salutes the Canadian Olympic Team is absolutely breath-taking; true eye candy to aviation journalist, photographers and enthusiasts alike. And what an honour for the team to come back to the National Capital Region after a three year hiatus to perform for Outaouais region at Vintage Wings.

There will be plenty of pictures to post on the blog and I welcome every submission so that we can showcase the resounding success of the show.
Here is a few links to some of the media coverage this weekend.

Metro Daily News:
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