Monday, November 29, 2010

Iceman Cometh

Ice Pilot's Mikey McBryan paid us a visit Saturday, 27 Nov while travelling through to Ontario to see a good friend and fellow aviation enthusiast, Serge Pharand of Classic Wings.

Mikey was completely mesmerized by the P40 Kittyhawk during the two-hour tour of Vintage Wings. Joined by cameraman Sean Cable, Mikey's visit was filmed and may be included in another episode of Ice Pilots. It isn't known yet if the footage will make it past the cutting room floor but if the show were selling on enthusiasm and pure entertainment, Mikey's venture in the cockpit of the P-40 would be a winner.

The idea of visiting Vintage Wings came from Serge who has known Mikey since meeting at Oshkosh a few years ago. It so happened Mikey was celebrating his 28th birthday and, as a treat, Serge a wanted to celebrate by first satiating his love and appreciation for vintage aircraft.

Fellow Classic Wing's colleagues Bobby Hanson, owner, and Andrew Boyd met up with Serge and Mikey during the hangar visit.

Their next stop, a Senator's hockey game to meet Mike Fisher - not nearly as thrilling as Vintage Wings, of course!

-Bobby Hanson, Mikey McBryan, Serge Pharand, Andrew Boyd and Austin (friend of Mikey's) during their visit of Vintage Wings.

Visit Mikey on the Ice Pilots website,

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