Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Veterans Week

At the beginning, I thought volunteering at Vintage Wings of Canada would be all about the planes and nothing but; I was so wrong!

After being privileged to have the chance to be part of so many special occasions and visits to our hangar by veterans and their families, I have come to understand more and more about the COMMEMORATE component of the Vintage Wings credo, Commemorate, Educate, and Inspire.

Yes our beautiful and historic aircraft are part of our aviation heritage, but they would be nothing without the men and woman that gave these flying machines life from the pilots to ground crews and mechanics. There are, of course, many civilians that have left their mark on our aviation heritage; but now that November is upon us and Remembrance Day draws closer, I cannot help but think about all the men and woman that have given so much of themselves for our country and countries (since several Canadians are now from abroad). Let us not forget their sacrifices!

From the Veterans Affairs web site:

“Above all, we must vow never to forget. However you choose to remember, be sure you tell a friend, a family member or a colleague. Together, it is our duty to pass on the legacy and keep the memories of our Canadian Veterans alive.”

Please pass this on to as many friends as you can, thanks!

Marc Turcotte, avid VWoC volunteer.

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