Monday, November 1, 2010

WACO's journey back home.

-Photos by Mary Lee

So if you don't fly it back to the Gatineau airport, just how does one transport a 1920s vintage biplane that is perfectly airworthy but in slightly disassembled condition? Leave it in pieces and drive it home.

Oscar Verdugo, head of VWoC metal shop,smartly engineered a device to load the WACO fuselage and her dismantled wings on a flat bed in order to safely transport the Taperwing WACO from the Ottawa International Airport back to her home at Vintage Wings this past Friday. The disassembly and load took a little more than half a day and was made successful by the help of staff and volunteers. The move came just in time before the snow fell over the city Saturday night.

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  1. On behalf of Rob Fleck, Vintage Wings President.
    I was thrilled to be at the airport first thing in the morning to watch you lead your team through the initial disassembly, and transition the Waco to your incredible jig. It was your vision that created one of the engineering wonders of the modern world “Oscar’s biplane jig”. Your jig was simple, well throughout, functional and easy to use. The proof was that your jig supported the disassembly of the Waco at the Avitat, relocation into the Ottawa terminal building, the reassembly inside the terminal building, then on Friday the disassembly and transport back home to Gatineau.