Thursday, December 30, 2010

A Year in Review

Throughout the year, I have snapped some really interesting pictures in hopes of capturing the daily routine in and around the hangar. Some images often accompany one of the many blog posts while others are left on the hard drive waiting for an opportunity to be showcased. As we come to a close in 2010, I can't think of a better time to reflect on the year with a collection of what is often seen through the eye of the lens.

If cleanliness is next to godliness, Anna is the Archangel of all things neat and tidy. No spot shall go un-shammed on her watch. Wow!

Birthdays, good-byes, and any other occasion worth celebrating are a BIG deal around the hangar. It has nothing to do with the individual being honoured. Oh no, it's all about the cake and we do like our cake.

Bonne Voyage to Laura Cunningham, our summer student who hung up her VW apron for kilts and college life in Scotland.

After burning off Laura's cake calories, we carbed up again celebrating Carolyn's birthday. Too much of a good thing is wonderful according to Mae West. We tend to agree, right Ange!

Before MacGyver there was Oscar. Our very own Oscar will never stop inventing jigs and gadgets and interesting gimmicks to rig up equipment for restoring aircraft. The man loves to tinker, just don't refer to him as that adorable little Disney character.

And then there's Andre. He runs a tight operation on the ramp but I just happened to catch him in a more sedate, happy moment. Check out the smile. Rare!

Our little Smurf Ange. She's a bit of a contortionist in the cockpit and can crawl in places mice never dare go. Just a wee thing she is!

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