Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Engineer Becomes the Flyer

Oscar Verduga, Vintage Wings trusted fixer-of-all, was rewarded with a pre-Easter treat, a back-seat ride in Rob Fleck's RV8.

Rob frequently takes to the skies when conditions are CAVOK, or close enough, and there is a free moment in his rather hectic schedule. Since rarely do those two conditions line-up, its a big deal to see the RV8 taxi out for take-off with Rob at the stick. And, it is a shame to not capitalize on the mount and fly with an empty back seat.

On this particular occasion when Rob asked Guy Richard, Director of Maintenance, who the most deserving crew-person worthy of a ride was, Oscar came to mind. After all, no one puts in more time and imagination rigging and jigging parts to repair and refurbish our collection than he and his team do. A regular "MacGiver," Oscar's engineering expertise and know-how have been instrumental in the expedient restoration of the Cornell. He ingeniously dreamt up engineering processes to rebuilt this BCATP trainer literally from the frame up. So, as we near the finish line in her restoration, Oscar was freed up to have a little fun at 1500 ft.

Oscar was such a good sport about the opportunity that he got a little stick time, which actually settled his nervous tummy. Well deserved Oscar. Good to get out from under the tool box and experience what all this fabric and metal is made to do!

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