Tuesday, May 3, 2011

May Days means Birthdays

Xavier and Rob (left) are serenaded by the VWoC staff in celebration of two birthdays!
"Let them eat cake," cried the President!

El presidente Rob Fleck shared a 2 May birthday with Xavier Simmon, maintenance crew member.

So, out came the candles, streamers and party favours again and we all took a "pause cafe" to replenish our sugar levels.

Thanks gents for turning a year older and, of course, a year wiser. We, in turn, are an ounce or two fatter!

1 comment:

  1. Happy belated Birthday to both of you. For those of you who probably consumed a little cake or whatever must remember that what you eat standing up doesn't count. I hope you were all standing.

    As it is May 3rd today I thot I would give you all something to think about. My Snoopy calendar for this day says this: EAT A LIVE TOAD FIRST THING IN THE MORNING, AND NOTHING WORSE CAN HAPPEN TO YOU FOR THE REST OF THE DAY! God Bless. See you all on May 14 if not before. Ian W.