Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Canada Day Over Edmonton

In their second part in a series of the Hawk One story, brothers Karl and Chris Wilberg sit down with Chris Hadfield who shares his passion for aviation, and beyond. Chris is inspired by today's youth when spreading the word about Canada's rich aviation heritage in hopes of inspiring them to "pursue their dreams" whatever they may be.

Chris Hadfield will grace the skies over Edmonton Alberta this Canada Day, 1 July in the Discovery Air Hawk One Sabre. Chris will lead a fly past of four to five vintage Canadian military aircraft as they fly over the Greater Edmonton communities returning to Edmonton City Centre Airport on completion.

For more information on the event contact Thomas Hinderks, Executive Director Alberta Aviation Museum.

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  1. Excellent Canada Day.....the Yellow Wings, F86, and P51 along with Chris Hadfield's presentation and the VW staff....WELL DONE!!!!