Thursday, July 21, 2011

Swordfish finally gets her engine purring

July 20th marked the day our Swordfish engine run-up was completed!

Angela Gagnon looks on Andrej Janik as he conducts the high speed run-up.

A long awaited moment in the Swordfish journey but one step closer to her maiden flight followed by a debut at Oshkosh AirVenture in Wisconsin toward the end of the month.

Heather Fleck was present during the highly-anticipated event to capture it on film. Here are her thoughts on the achievement.

 "Very cool to hear it run;  very loud.  You can feel the reverberations in your chest. Can't imagine flying that thing over the North Atlantic, much less landing on 400ft. strips on aircraft carriers."

All systems a go! Angela, Austin Childerhose and Andre Laviolette watch their kitten purr.
Since taking possession of  the Pegasus engine in the early spring, it has been a long and arduous process repairing it to airworthy condition. This day could not have come any sooner and the taste of victory any sweeter. Kudos to the hard working maintenance crew for their unfailing effort in conquering the Swordfish hurdles during these many many months.


  1. BEAUTIFUL.....I thought the 'Peg' went to UK for rebuild....did not go well??????

  2. How exciting! I wasn't around at Shearwater when our Swordfish flew, so I can only imagine the excitement at Vintage Wings. Keep up the good work, I love reading your blog.

    Jessica Penney
    admin asst
    Shearwater Aviation Museum