Monday, January 30, 2012

Sabre Comes Off the Rails

During the F86 Sabre's annual inspection, the Vintech Aero team removed the engine from the aircraft. This involved literally splitting the aircraft in two; they removed the rear section, then slid the engine out of the forward section. This provided a great opportunity to get a close-up view of the engine components and the "guts" of the airplane.

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With the aid of a 3000kg hoist, the Orenda 14 engine slowly slides out of the forward fuselage section. 

 The intake as viewed from the rear. Note the two round white holes on the floor - that's where the gear retracts. The black cylinder visible at the top is for air conditioning.

The burner cans tend to catch the eye quickly.

Left side of the engine. The black cylindrical oil filter is plainly visible.

The oil reservoir tucked neatly into the right side of the fuselage, as viewed from the inside.

Sad and gaping, the rear section sits empty.


  1. Thanks for the excellent photos Heather - and to the Vintech Aero team for the painstaking work to keep the jet serviceable. We look forward to hosting our Sabre 5 ground school on 21-22 April.

    Dan Dempsey
    Team Leader
    The Discovery Air Hawk One
    Powered by Orenda

  2. Just a slight correction... The Black Cylinder you see on the left side of the engine is actually the Low pressure fuel filter housing. The oil filter is actually mounted forward of this, sitting in a vertical orientation, and quite a bit smaller. It is the gold coloured cylinder in the same picture.

    Angela Gagnon
    Vintech Aero AME
    Team Member
    Discovery Air Hawk One
    Keeper of the Hula Girl