Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Late Breaking News from the restoration floor

The Forward Extension Rear Duct Former at Station 3 is complete!!!

Vintage Wings AME and structures specialist Ken Wood announced this afternoon that he finally finished this particular *@!$¥¢@ little piece of $%&*@here – holding in his hand, the fruits of an entire day's labour - the challenging and much feared Forward Extension Rear Duct Former at Station 3. Vintage Wings of Canada management were ecstatic and this giant leap forward brings us even closer to the skies with the Roseland Spitfire, which until today was deeply lacking in Forward Extension Rear Duct Formers at Station 3. You could feel the excitement in the air as Wood brandished the Forward Extension Rear Duct Former for all to stare at in awe. “As far as Forward Extension Rear Duct Formers go, this Forward Extension Rear Duct Former is a home run out of the park” said former World Champion Forward Extension Rear Duct Former Former, Guy Richard, adding “I give it 9 for ducting and 10s across the board for Forming and Extending”.  It doesn't get much better than this.

Dave O'Malley
Metals and Structures guru, Ken Wood, holds in his hand Holy Grail of Duct Formers - the Forward Extension Rear Duct Former, which, by creating a “duct”, allows the aileron cables to travel past the radiator. Photo: Dave O'Malley
We can see three Forward Extension Ducts Formers in this shot of the radiator bay of the Spitfire's port wing. Photo: Dave O'Mallley
A plywood mock-up of the radiator sits in the bay to allow Wood to manufacture the components that house it. Photo: Dave O'Malley

The Vickers Supermarine shop drawing for the famous Forward Extension Rear Duct Former at Station A.  Photo: Dave O'Malley

Themocked up radiator sist in place to allow the fitting of all the Forward Extension Rear Duct Formers. Photo:Dave O'Malley


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