Saturday, May 15, 2010

A Day In the Life of a young Volunteer

Meet Christian Ouimet, a young volunteer, if not the youngest, to the Vintage Wings family. Christian may be vertically challenged at the tender age of 9 but he's got a heart as big as the hangar he likes to "hang" in.

Christian and his father Richard became volunteers simply from hearing about the organization through the grape-vine. Word spreads in certain circles and the aviation circle is no exception to that rule.

Richard is an aviation enthusiast since childhood as an Air Cadets and now as a radio model airplane builder. His hobby is his passion and he shares that passion with his son who comes by it naturally. Now in their second season as volunteers, the Ouimets participated in the Annual Volunteer Training Day and that's where I met Christian.

Christian is different than most volunteers; he has a certain sort of something. He puts a smile on your face just for the simple fact that his excitement is bursting at the seams. Christian's job, along with his father, is crowd control. He takes his role seriously. "Stop! Don't cross the line." exclaims Christian motioning his hands like a traffic cop, then bursts out in laughter.

Richard has the fortune of sharing his volunteer work with his son, a factor that was important for him when he enrolled last year. "I take him everywhere," Richard says. "Vintage Wings allows me to have time with him and for him to have time with his Dad."

In just a year Christian is winning hearts. He was awarded "Best Smile" during the training day, a reflection of the sincere appreciation Vintage Wings holds in its volunteers and in Christian.

For Christian, volunteering with his Dad is the reward. His has two passion in life that he shares equally, hockey and planes. "Especially the ones with the spinning thing," Christian says motioning his hand this time as though spinning a wheel. And then another smile.

Commemorate, Celebrate and Inspire. That's what we do!

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