Saturday, May 15, 2010

Volunteer Training and Season Kick-off

The hangar was a sea of orange Saturday 15 May as volunteers of all ages came out for the spring training day and to officially acknowledge the start of another summer flying season.

It is that time of year where life at Vintage Wings truly comes alive and our doors on a frequent basis to the public. It is also the time when we rely upon the volunteers to 'keep the pace of things' ensuring tours are given, shelves of swag are stocked and, of course, the aircraft are kept serviceable for the season.

Vintage Wings has been operating the volunteer program since opening its doors May 2006. Each year, more and more join the family to give a little bit of their time and skill in the passion of aviation. This year, we added a couple more dozen to the close to 200 volunteers on the team.

Training day focuses mainly on the Open Houses covering all critical areas from crowd control, hangar and ramp safety to aircraft marshaling and static displays. For the new volunteers, the training always begins with a thorough orientation program that outlines the expectations of the volunteers and guides them through a 7-step process before being officially stamped a volunteer and given the famous orange golf shirt to where proudly . Alison Slack, Event Coordinator, delivered the orientation training to close to 25 eager listeners.

"Empower the volunteers," Alison explains. "Our job is to give you as much knowledge about the organization so you can be well-informed when speaking about it."

Empowerment is also achieved through acknowledgement. Vintage Wings hold its volunteer program in the highest regard, making effort to praise the hard work of volunteers where possible. So, in a very fitting opportunity, Michael Potter and Carolyn Leslie presented six Distinguished Service awards to volunteers who have made profound contributions to the overall success of the foundation.

"Although I have just six names, explains Mike, "I could be reading anyone of yours today." Testament to the true spirit of this foundation.

It has been quoted that "with a giving attitude, every situation is an opportunity for success." Vintage Wings is a foundation backed by volunteers who make it the success story it is today.

Stay tuned for a regular feature, "A Day in the Life" in which a volunteer will be profiled. volunteers

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