Friday, June 11, 2010

All In a Day gives Vintage Wings clever exposure

Sitting in my car driving home last evening, I tuned into All In a Day, the three-hour talk show hosted by Alan Neal on CBC. Its a great radio show about what's going on in Ottawa and to learn about those little tidbits of trivial info - valuable or not -that you just didn't know.

Well here's one that was terribly odd but struck me as the perfect opportuntiy to promote Vintage Wings. Alan is chatting about some crazy episode of Young and the Restless (Y&R). Turns out, a segment featuring Victor Newman (good heavens, he was old when I was a teen!) has the character landing in Ottawa, Canada. Why Ottawa is beyond Alan but the segment proceeds with Victor, played by Eric Braeden (heavens, he was old when I was like 15!), waiting for a boat to go to Quebec. Gee, the producers don't know that there are, like four bridges to cross the great divide?

So, while waiting, Victor ventures of to a bar on the dock where a fight breaks out. Alan then turns this scenario over to his listening audiences and asks anyone to email in a continuation to the drama.

Well, I just jump over this one. If you can't take a boat or a car then what other means of transportation over water is available? You guessed it, a plane. And who has an amphibious airplane in this area? Well, Vintage Wings does and perhaps one that is the most iconic of any Canadian design, manufactured and operated aircraft in this country - the de Havilland Beaver. Being the cunning communications person that I am (or think I am), I take this golden opportunity to get a little dig in.

Here's what I wrote to Alan:
So while Victor Newman is swilling beer and dodging right hooks in some seedy bar in Ottawa (hmm, must be somewhere near Rockland)while waiting for a boat to take him to Quebec, out of nowhere appears a de Havilland Beaver on floats. The Beaver is owned and operated by Vintage Wings of Canada.

Victor is picked up and flown to the hangar located at the Gatineau airport where he can take a chartered flt to Quebec City if he wants. But he chooses to stick around and learn more about Vintage Wings, who just so happen, are hosting the CF snowbirds at their spring Open House on 4 July. Victor meets the Snowbirds and decides to finally retire from Soaps to become a jet jock! Hey, never too late to pursue your dreams and act your age. Who wants to never age on TV anyway.

I didn't stick around long enough to hear the end of Alan's show but at about 10 minutes to 6 pm Alan read my suggestion on air. Yahoo, mission accomplished!
Whether the Victor Newman story for an upcoming epoisode on Y&Ris true or not, it doesn't matter. I saved a few hundred buck in radio advertising fees to get our name and event out to a captive audience - the drive-home people.

Now we will happily welcome any Y&R cast and crew who show up on our doorstep 4 July, or any other day for that matter. But who we really want to see is you the Canadian public - our fellow aviation fans and the reason for why we do what we do around here at Vintage Wings.

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