Thursday, June 10, 2010

Lysander to take Flight

Many turned out in anticipation of a Lysander test flight yesterday at Vintage Wings and , although the weather was still holding off the forecasting winds and rain, a few snags kept her on the ground.

Deryck Hickox and the entire maintenance team at VW have been working all day today to solve the issues that kept our poor Lysander from her inaugural flight.

Here's a status of the "fix"
- The brake system’s pneumatic pressure has been holding steady since 10am this morning, so the brake issue has been solved;

- The tail wheel was re-serviced according to John Romain in Duxford, and that seems to have solved the tail wheel taxi issue;

- The lean mixture and low fuel pressure indication seems to have been tracked down to a leaking/broken fuel primer line which is being fixed;

- The miss-reading tach seems to have been solved, and we are awaiting an engine test to confirm; and

- The high cylinder head temperature problems seem to have been tracked down to simple ground operational issues (confirmed by John Romain).

The weather looks promising for Friday, with mainly sunny skies and light winds. Pilot, Rob Erdos has indicated that he is available for the first flight late afternoon. As it stands, we are aiming for a Lysander flight tomorrow at 15:30 EDT

- notes from the VWoC Team

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