Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Gathering of the Classics

Reprinted from Edenval Aerodrome Online,

A great success turned out to be the Gathering of the Classics that took place at Edenvale Aerodrome on Saturday August, 7th, 2010.

Over 240 airplanes and approximately 160 vintage cars were exhibited during the event” said Robin Hadfield Chair of the Gathering of the Classics. Also the WWII B-25 bomber, P-40 Kittyhawk fighter, Harvard, and DeHavilland Tigermoth among others were admired by the public. A live band played old music while the patrons enjoyed a delicious lunch served at the patio of the Fud Grill Restaurant, making this day an unforgettable experience...

Our own Dave Hadfield brought the P-40 to the event and raved about the volume of participants - a number we aim to beat 17-19 Sept! Although the ride program didn't "take-off" as well as was hoped for, all it takes is one happy rider to help promote the program and pass on the spirit of flying a vintage warbird.
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