Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Harvard Ride for Quirks and Quarks' Bob McDonald

It was a rather busy weekend with much going on at Vintage Wings, typical of any weekend during the flying season, particularly early on when pilot currencies and training is in full swing. Never too busy for a VIP visit and media flight.

Yellow Wings team lead, Ulrich Bollinger, hosted a recent guest, Bob MacDonald of CBC Quirks & Quarks. Bob enjoyed his aerobatic flight appreciating the science of it all. A few barrel rolls after the big Ottawa Flying Club (OFC) dinner was just our way in the flying community here in the Nations Capital of saying thanks for his role as guest speaker.

Andre Laviolette give the egress lecture to give Bob that vote of confidence before flight!

Ulrich tells it like it really is in case of emergency. Looks like serious stuff gentlemen!

Meanwhile, Bob thrills us with the theory of flight. Wow!

Job well done. Good flight!

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  1. On behalf of OFC...

    My heartfelt appreciation to all of you for making yesterday's flight for BobMcDonald such a great success..... He was thrilled as was I... even had a mini airshow with the Tiger Moth, the Sabre and the Spitfire... FANTASTIC... couldn't have asked for better...

    Thank you so very much and thank you for coming to our Wings Dinner too...

    Marc Desjardins
    Ottawa Flying Club