Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Flecko Jr. goes solo

Newest member to join the Yellow Wings team Douglas Fleck, First Air pilot and son of the boss, flew his solo mission on the Tiger Moth Sunday, 8 May.

He may not have been pleasing his mother on her day but dad was sure happy to see junior complete his check ride and get the customary bucket drop thereafter. Not even the boss' son gets preferential treatment.

Rob is either excited to taxi Doug in or is waving his hands in disgust for taking so long to solo!

Proud Dad shakes Doug's hand upon completion of another milestone in this young pilot's career.

Blake Reid (front) and Dave O'Malley spare no drop of water for the customary dowsing!

Might want to run, Rob!

Too late!

Photo credit: Peter Handley
Those who dare to fly take certain risks, just some are more obvious than others.  Get 'em every time!

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