Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Hollywood Stars and Hangar Dump


This morning Chad Legault from Gloucester High School came with his wife Michelle to do some filming at the Vintage Wings hangar. Chad is studying to be a Tech teacher at Queens University, and is currently doing a co-op placement at Gloucester High School. He came to interview AMEs Angela Gagnon and Vanessa Lefaivre in hopes of motivating some of his female students, and students in general, to consider a career in aviation technology.

Angie and Vanessa will be signing autographs tomorrow at 10am.

IMG_3110 Angie doing her thing for the camera.




Vanessa sports a fashionable Warbird U hoodie to speak to the masses.


This afternoon the whole hangar was dumped – the aircraft you want is always at the back, isn’t it?

The Swordfish and P40 got a thorough run up on this slate grey afternoon.


Andre Laviolette signals start-up as Angie Gagnon turns over the P40.


Vanessa Lefaivre and Terry Cooper stand fire guard as the mighty Bristol engine warms up.


All photos and text by HF.

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