Monday, March 12, 2012

Monday Hangar Update

Mon, Mar 12, 2012

You know spring is in the air when the hangar doors do not remain tightly sealed against the bitter winds, but sit cracked open a few feet, allowing soft, warm breezes to percolate into Vintage Wings headquarters, flowing in and around the aircraft in various states of disrobement.

In a nutshell, here is the status of our aircraft:

F-86 – Waiting for ejection seat parts to arrive from Cold Lake, but other than that annual is almost done. Noise making (run-up) scheduled for tomorrow.

Spitfire Mk XVI – Currently sitting on jacks, without an engine. Spitfire is undergoing an engine swap (more on this in a later blog) – freshly-overhauled engine should arrive by end of month from P51 Factory down in California. Corrosion was found around rivets on the header (coolant) tank, along with signs of previous coolant leaks and wear. The header tank could not be repaired in house, so has been shipped to England for repair. During the annual inspection, some play was found in the gear, and we are currently waiting on non-destructive testing (NDT) results for the part that may need to be replaced. The seat has also been removed, and is currently being used to form a mold. This mold will be used to make a seat for the Mk IX Spitfire out in Comox. Other components being worked on include the gear legs, battery and pneumatic system.

Spitfire on jacksSpitfire Mk XVI. Photo HF.

Mustang missing B bank

Mustang missing the B Bank. Photo HF.

P40 missing rad

P40 without one rad. Photo HF.

P51 – Missing one bank of cylinders (B Bank), away being repaired. Like the Spitfire, a leak was discovered in the header tank (using tips from P51 Factory brought back from the Warbirds Operators Conference). Our in-house welding expert is currently working on the repair.

Mustang Header Tank

Inside of the Mustang header tank, as it would sit in the aircraft. Photo HF.

P40 – The radiator just came in and will be installed shortly. After topping up the coolant, the aircraft will be ready for a run-up, followed shortly (hopefully) by maintenance sign-off.

Hurricane – The annual inspection and run-up are complete. One outstanding issue is the intake box – it was cracked. It has now been repaired and is in the paint shop, awaiting sky blue paint.

Corsair – Annual still to be completed. A flat tire was changed, and the aircraft consequently requires a gear swing to ensure proper clearance – the new tube has a hard valve stem versus a rubber one.

Lysander – Changing over from pneumatic to hydraulic disc brakes. Currently sourcing calipers and discs. Annual to be completed.

Swordfish – Working on making a torpedo for the Stringbag. Getting details and info from our friends at the Canada Aviation and Space Museum.

Harvard – Annual complete. Flight to be done later this week to break in new cylinder.

Stearman – Paperwork is all that is left before she’s airworthy again.

Cornell – Waiting for oil cooler, gaskets and vacuum pump. Once those are installed, the annual will be complete. A new prop was put on.

Cornell items remaining

The Archie Penny Cornell sits with a “Honey Do" list. Photo HF.

Finch – Kinner engine currently being overhauled. Due back at the end of the month.

Tiger Moth – Annual is done. ELT has been sent out for recertification.


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