Thursday, April 19, 2012

Mk XVI Spitfire and Original Service Engine Reunited



Wizards at Work: AME Andre Laviolette and apprentice Vanessa Lefaivre gently lower the Packard-built Merlin into the awaiting arms of the Spit.

Vintage Wings’ Mk XVI Spitfire recently underwent an engine change – but not just any engine change. The engine with which Spitfire s/n SL 721 was discharged from service has been found and, fresh from overhaul, has been reinstated to her former glory on her former aircraft.

It takes a lot of finessing to manoeuver a 1720hp supercharged V12 engine into place. Lucky for us, our Vintech Aero AMEs are “wizards with Merlins.”



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All photos HF.

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