Monday, April 16, 2012

A Visual Diary of Annual Recurrent Pilot Training

On Sat, Apr 14, Vintage Wings pilots came from far and near to partake in Annual Recurrent Training (ART) in Gatineau, QC. The chock-full day included talks on numerous topics, such as Flight Safety, Media Training and Awareness, how to log volunteer hours (all VW pilots are volunteers), Duties and Responsibilities of Pilots, and how to properly groom the aircraft.

The day ended with a BBQ and social gathering at the Director of Flight Ops house.

Sunday, Apr 15, was training for Yellow Wings pilots. Talks covered the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan, an overview of last years program, and ground schools for the |Boeing Stearman, Fairchild Cornell and Fleet Finch.

In the afternoon the clouds lifted and the sun peaked through, allowing for some training to take place outside of the classroom.


Over 25 pilots crammed into our smaller-than-ideal boardroom.



Safety Officer Robert “Scratch” Mitchell gives a briefing on Situational Awareness.



....Cleo the hangar dog found the discussion less than riveting, and even worse, no one could hear over her loud snoring.



Andrej Janik, VP of Maintenance, demonstrates marshalling signals.



George King and Dave Hadfield taxi the Cornell out into a stiff crosswind.



Joe Cosmano and John Sterchi sport the classic “Stearman smile” upon return from an open-cockpit biplane flight.



Photographic proof that around here, everyone has to clean their airplane after flying. VW President Rob Fleck and Chief Pilot Paul Kissmann wipe the greasy underbelly of the Harvard after their flight, while Blake Reid lends a hand.

All photos HF.

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