Thursday, June 14, 2012

Capital Classic Wings & Wheels 2012

By B. Reid

For the last several years, the historic Rockliffe Airport has had a display of classic aircraft, along with vintage cars and historic military hardware. In the past it was known as the Classic Air Rallye but this year it was changed to Capital Classic Wings & Wheels 2012.

With Rockliffe Airport only about 7 miles from our home base in Gatineau, Vintage Wings has been participating for several years now. The weather was incredible with light winds and blue skies as all the yellow birds from Gatineau made the short hop across the Ottawa River. Our participants were all the Yellow birds and the P-51 Mustang. When combined with a visit to the Canadian Aviation and Space Museum, this was truly the place to be on a beautiful Saturday. We look forward to participating next year. 

Getting ready to head over to the Rockliffe Airport for the to Capital Classic Wings & Wheels 2012, the P-51 Mustang does a runup at the Gatineau Airport. At 3300 feet, the runway at Rockliffe is quite short. No doubt the pilot was wishing for a nice wind down the runway but it was not to be as they were calm all day.

Arriving at Rockliffe Airport which is now dominated by the two large buildings of the

Canadian Aviation and Space Museum. What was once a crosswind runway now serves as the museum parking lot at the southwest end.

What would a fly-in be without a few high speed passes from the sleek Yellow Wings elementary trainers to burn up the field. All within the limitations of our SFOC of course.

Some other friendly visitors included the Canadian Warplane Heritage DC-3 and the Air Canada operated Lockheed 10.

Another view of the Rockliffe Airport with the City of Ottawa in the background. An “Air Station” was created here in 1920 that also accommodated an air harbour. RCAF operations at Rockliffe ceased in 1964.

Each of our two seat trainer aircraft carried a sponsor to and from Rockliffe. The Fleet Finch carried air Cadet Zeke Ruddy who shows his approval after a very enjoyable day.

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