Thursday, June 14, 2012

Mustang Leaves YND

Vintage Wings’ P51D Mustang has officially left Gatineau. Amid blue skies and a stiff crosswind, Vintage Wings pilots Rob Fleck and Joe Cosmano took off and headed west. The end goal is Calgary, with stops in Buttonville, Toronto, Hamilton, Thunder Bay, Winnipeg, Brandon, and Regina along the way. Each leg has been sponsored by a member of Vintage Wings who will experience the thrill of a lifetime as they transit in (noisy) style across our vast and beautiful country. The Mustang will then spend the summer around the Alberta region. For more information, or to sponsor a ride in the Mustang, please contact Vintage Wings West Director Todd at



Aircraft Maintenance Engineer Xavier Simard fuels the “Robillard Brothers” Mustang before departure.



Vintage Wings pilots Rob Fleck (L) and Joe Cosmano (R) stand ready and eager to go.



Rob Fleck looks “SPOT” on sitting in cockpit. To follow the Mustangs progress online via its SPOT locating device, go to:

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  1. A 'short' story, if you would allow:
    I had the privilege of sitting on and in this amazing "beast from the past". These wonderful old creatures have their own unique odour,taste and feel. What a thrill to actually sit in and look left and right over the wings just waiting for the "wind beneath them" and then peer forward spying, on the very tip of this "mile" long snout, the 11 foot propeller, my gosh, I could only imagine those thundering cylinders of this massive V12 Merlin pumping out the 1400 horse power neccessary to propel this 12,000 pound monster into the air...........well my mind wonders (obviously) if these amazing pilots of these metal "gloves" that they squeeze themselves into each time they are called to take to the air, I wonder IF they ever think about what has been created for them to serve and protect their very own kind. It really makes one tremble at the very thought of the inglorious end to these wonderous defenders of their nations. Let's save them, preserve them, give them our heartfelt appreciation of what they and their "inglorious" pilots have given us. ------------- it's called FREEDOM" Bless you magnificent men and your flying machines................If you can afford it please subscribe and support this wonderous effort to preserve these freerdom machines that gave us a real heritage to be, oh, so proud of.
    Thank you for your ear. It is now time for a bit of "Grog" ya' now what I mean?! Darn rights you do...........................
    Dave Downs RCAF retired