Friday, November 2, 2012

Yellow Wings 2013 Cross Canada Air Cadet Tribute



Yellow Wings 2012 has not quite wrapped up (our debrief meeting takes place this afternoon), but we are already well underway looking ahead to next summer.


Coming in 2013, Raytheon Canada Limited has partnered with Vintage Wings of Canada to present the Cross Canada Air Cadet Tribute. This program will span an entire country, with 3 main bases: west, central and east, that will reach out to all cadets in the RCAF Air Cadet program.


The program will consist of three parts:

1. A flight component that will take deserving cadets up in our Yellow Wings aircraft.

2. A history component that will have the Air Cadets learn about the history of the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan.

3. A “Pursue Your Dreams” component whereby Raytheon employees will engage and inspire today’s youth to go after their dreams, especially as it pertains to careers in math, engineering and aerospace.


Stay tuned for more info coming soon! And remember...On the Wings of History go the Leaders of Tomorrow!



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