Monday, December 24, 2012

Jewel in the Night

Chris Hadfield Records brother Dave's original Christmas Song on ISS

Chris Hadfield floats in weightlessness aboard the ISS... just days into his 5 month voyage.

Just now, Chris Hadfield, riding through space in the International Space Station, posted a recording he made of a Christmas song of peace, written by his equally talented and aviation-struck brother Dave. The song was first written by Dave for the members of the first long duration crew on the ISS in 2000. Listen now, as Chris sings this beautiful carol while speeding 27,744 kilometers per hour and looking down on a world with the appearance of Peace only.

Here are the lyrics to help you sing it too, along with the chords if you want to play along.

 Jewel In the Night  (Space Carol)  ©2001 Dave Hadfield

Em D        C                 Em

So bright, jewel in the night,
Em                            D
there in my window below.
Em D             C                 Em  
So bright,  dark as the night,
                           D         Em
with all of our cities aglow.
   G                                  D
It’s long been our way, to honour this day,
        F                           Bm
And offer goodwill to men.
Em  D               C           Em
And know wherever we go,
                         D               Em
It’s come round to Christmas again.

So far, shines every star, there without limit to see.
So grand, far-away land, beckoning, calling to me.
And let it be shown, wherever we go,
In all of the wonders above.          F   Bm
With all that we bring, there’s no finer thing,
Than this message, this promise of Love.


Em                D                     C            Em
Love for the families that gather below.
Em                 D                   C               Em
Love for the stranger that you never know.
C                                  Am
For those who aren’t with you;
G                      B7
Who wander above….

So bright, jewel in the night,
there lies the cradle we knew.
The home of, all that we love,
and all of our memories too.
It shall be our way, to wander away,
And take with us all that we know.      F   Bm
And never cease, this message of Peace,
From Bethlehem so long ago.

And never cease, this message of Peace,            [2x]
From Bethlehem so long ago.                   

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